Meet The Master Electrician: Adrian Calleo

All you need to know about Blues City Electric, from the owner to the company’s skill set. Adrian Calleo began work as an electrician back in 2005, and he is now our licensed master electrician with over 18 years in the public and private sectors.

Electrician builder at work inspecting cabling connection of high voltage power electric

Why Choose Us?

We DO NOT begin a project without an inspection to monitor compliance with the safety codes. Our team is highly-trained and has in-depth knowledge of the National Electrical Code. 

  • Our first step is estimating the cost for the new installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems. 
  • We will humbly listen to your requirements and execute quality work. 
  • Blues City Electric was founded on three core values, Honesty, Attention to Detail, and Reliability. 
  • We then purchase materials, plan, and schedule the installation. 
  • The company will also hire subcontractors and vendors needed to complete the project. 
  • Once you provide your details, we develop a cost-effective schedule within your budget and deadline. 
  • Our team works with official blueprints of the construction to avoid any mistakes. 

Our Skill Set

  • Electrical Systems & Controls
  • Switches & Circuit Boards
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Install, Maintain & Repair Equipment & Electrical Systems
  • Electrical Code, Safety & QA/QC
  • Testing Instruments
  • Install Electrical Conduits, Cables & Tubing
  • Electrical services using Blueprints & Schematics
Electrician testing voltage in a light switch